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pregnant and in college studyingAre you in college? Have you just found out you’re pregnant? Maybe you’ve recently had unprotected sex and you’re worried you might be pregnant. We’re here to help!

College Pregnancy Help can provide you with info on your options, as well as answers to questions you may have.

Few things are more difficult than caring for a baby while trying to finish college. Taking care of a new baby is very time-consuming, and raising a child on your own successfully is a full-time job!

Imagine trying to get to early morning classes after being up most of the night with an irritable baby. When you are done with your class load for the day, you spend 8 more hours at a job. Once you get off work, you pick up your baby from childcare. Then you go home and start the process all over again. In this scenario, you are not really raising your child—the childcare provider is doing most of the nurturing and caring for your child. Though this daily routine may be necessary, it is not the most ideal way for a child to start out in life.

find out about help with college pregnancyStatistics show that many young women who become pregnant while attending college and choose to parent their child will quit school and often never return. Many unmarried mothers become dependent upon welfare programs to help raise their child. Without a college education her wages will likely be low and inadequate, keeping the cycle of poverty at her door.

If you are pregnant and in college, this scenario may seem extremely depressing. Especially when only a short time ago you were living a life of freedom and had your future pretty well-planned. However, a college pregnancy isn’t the end of the world! Today, women have many pregnancy choices, including parenting, abortion, and open adoption. Take a few minutes & explore our site. College Pregnancy Help has useful pregnancy resources for you, as well as articles on your choices with an unplanned pregnancy. Get answers to your pregnancy questions today!

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