pregnant woman reading outside in the grassThese articles address pregnancy issues and questions. It is our goal at College Pregnancy Help to educate and empower you about your pregnancy choices.

Our site has a variety of informative articles and other information necessary to make the decision that’s right for you and to learn to handle the physical, emotional, and mental changes you’ll encounter during pregnancy.

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Could I Be Pregnant?! Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Not sure if you’re pregnant? This article shares a few of the most common pregnancy signs and symptoms. Of course, pregnancy symptoms alone cannot confirm a pregnancy. There is no online pregnancy test, nor is there any way to accurately diagnose pregnancy from symptoms alone. Ultimately, the only way to confirm a pregnancy is to take a test.

I’m Pregnant…Could the Option of Adoption Be Right for Me?

When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, choosing to place your child for adoption can be a difficult one. No matter who you turn to for support, do not let them rush you into making any decisions.  This is YOUR decision – accept their advice, accept their information, but do not let them bully you into a decision that you do not think is right.  This is your pregnancy and your baby. This article shares a few steps you can use to help you decide what you want to do.

Single mother trying to cope with baby and studiesBecoming a Single Parent: The Real Deal

Choosing to become a single parent is not one that should be taken lightly. It is a very serious decision and your life will be forever changed should you make single parenting your choice. Before you decide whether you wish to parent, this article shares a few important points to consider.

How to Cope With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is often the first sign most women get that they are pregnant. So, your morning sickness is a clue to start taking better care of your health for you and your baby. This article shares some tips on how you can best cope with nausea during your pregnancy.

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